How to get from A to B?

When it comes to travel, we never get around the question how to get to our destination, or from one spot to another in case of a round trip. For most international trips it is pretty easy, since the plane is mostly the most efficient way to travel, especially over long distance. However, there are more congested areas in the world, like Europe, where I live. Soon you find that there are a handful of options to travel by. But how to choose from all of those?

During the planing of my trip through Denmark and Sweden I stumbled over the webpage called Omio. Omio is a travel booking page where you can simply look for the easiest way to get from A to B. And even compare if it suits you more to go by bus, train or plane. I some cases you can even choose ferries.

Did I make you curios? read through the next paragraphs on how to set up your account. I will also tell you how to safe 10€ on your next trip, so make sure you read through to the very end.

Ready? Let me show you how it's done

Click here to directly get to omio. feel unsure to click on a random link? Scroll down to the bottom to findcopy and paste links. The page has a nice landing page, not bombing you with a lot of information. To start setting up an account, just click on create an account in the top right corner.

airbnb sign up page, sign up via Facebook, Google or E-Mail













For signing up you have three different options; you can either do it through Facebook, Google or a regular E-Mail. You then need to choose a password, your user name and your date of birth. Before you run through any issues during your booking I highly recommend doing the next things before you move on to booking.

You will be asked to add a phone number. This is a good idea, since they can easily get in touch with if there are any changes in your future bookings. As a payment method you can add your PayPal and a variety of Credit cards.

Got your account set up? Let's move on to our first booking!

omio front page, setting up the first search













Back on the main page we can start with our first booking. All you need to do is insert your starting and ending point and your arrival and departure dates. Above that you can choose whether this is a round trip or just one way. Here you select the number of people travelling, their age and, if applicable, any discount or rewards cards for various airlines ad train companies. Then hit search and wait for the results. For my example I will just show you how to book a rund trip to Copenhagen from Hamburg for the weekend.

omio search results for transport to Copenhagen

Omio then directs you to the shown page. You will have to choose your outbound trip first. On top you can choose if you want to tarvel by train, bus or plane. Of course you can alsways switch, to look which suits you best. Omio will also show you the lowest price and travel time for each kind of transport. Below you now have options to select how to sort all booing offers as well as add some filters. These filters include number of changes, departure/arrival times, total cost and more.

The travel options are now pretty self-explaining. You see departe and arrival time, duration, price and number of changes. Clicking on the changes button will also present more details. Once you find the trip that suits you best you just click on it. You will then have to choose on your return trip. Once you chose this one as well you will be taken to he next page, where you have to finalize your booking. For our example trip we will go by train.

Search results for home with both a list and a map view













You can now choose in which class you want to travel, which kind of fare you want and choose a seat reservation. On the right your trip details, as well as the total cost will be displayed. PLease keep in mind, that the look of this page, as well as the presented options, will change, depending on the kind of transportation you have chosen before. If you go for a seat reservation, you can only choose the kind of seat, like the compatrment in a train or what kind of seat on a plane, but not a sepcial seat in particular. Please check with the executing company for those details.

Next you will be asked to enter details for all travellers on this booking. Make sure to bring a vlid ID on your trip, your tickets will not be valid without! On the final page you can now review our booking and chose you payment method. Now you are all set! You will get a notification per E-Mail.

ldetailed information on the choosen home













Back on the main page you can now click on Your Bookings to get an overview of your upcoming and past bookings. By clicking on a booing you will be taken to a page showing you all the deatils, as well as you booking number and you will be able to download your ticket from here in case you accidently deleted the E-Mail.

So, how can I get 10€ off on my booking?

I know that you have been waiting for this. If you have read through all of it above, thank you. I hope I was of help for you.

How to get to the travel bonus













Clicking on your account icon in the top right corner ill present you with a drop down menu. here you just lick on Travel Bonus.

Omio travel bonus page













On this page you can now see the travel bonus you have in your account. You can get travel bonus on two ways:

1. Refer Omio to a friend of you by entering their E-Mail or sending out your code. Once they sign up via the link in the E-Mail or used your code you will get 10€ into your account. These 10€ will be pending until they have finished their first trip. It will then be added into your account as travel bonus and you will be able to use it to pay for your bookings.

2. You just signed up after you read through my post. Now you can just enter my code. After confirming10€ will be added into your account. You can use them right away! Want my code? Here it is: maxw1i2w5l3l

I hope this post was of any help for you. If you enjoed it, feel free to share it with your friends and family. I would much appreciate it to support me by using my code once you sign up. Both of us will have an adventage from this.

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Create your account and get a 10€ discount on your first booking:

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