my name is Max Wohlerdt, I am 21 years old. I graduated school in summer 2016 and I am currently training with "Flugschule Hamburg" in the Hamburg area in Germany for my ATPL.

My passion for flying started back in 2008 when I got my first flightsimulator. The following years were marked by hours spent flying after school, improving my skills every time.
In 2011 I went on my first discovery flight in Florida with Paragon Flight Training. Three years later, in summer 2014, I started my training as a private pilot with Paragon. Doing the ground study at home on my computer, I only had to come to Florida for flying and examination. Two weeks in summer 2014 were followed by two and a half weeks in April 2015. On the last day of that stay I passed my checkride.
In Germany I validated my PPL in summer 2017. In spring 2019 I obtained my flight instructor rating and passed my written ATPL exam. Since then I collected over 500 hours of flight time.
Besides my flying I also spent one year as an exchange student in the United States, in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. I really enjoyed that time and I learned much in this time, about the country, its people and culture, but also about myself.


Here in Germany I am also member of the Christian Scout Association (VCP) where I am a group and troop leader. The rest of my free time is mostly spend with, you can guess, flying, creating liverys for various Add-Ons and I am going planespotting. When I am not in the air I am spending my time doing some Photography. All can be found on this page, so enjoy your stay.


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A: Rudolf-Klug-Weg 9  
    22455 Hamburg

T: + 040 20953775

E: maxwohlerdt@web.de

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