my name is Max Wohlerdt and I live in the most beautiful city of the world: Haburg in northern Germany. I am currently finishing my Airline Tranport Pilot training with Flugschule Hamburg while working as a flight instructor.

My passion for flying started back in my childhood. I went on my first flight when I was 2 years old. In 7th grade I got my first flightsimulator and started flying at home. The following years were marked by hours spent flying after school, improving my skills every time.
At the age of 15 I went on my first discovery flight in Florida with Paragon Flight Training. Three years later, I started my training as a private pilot with Paragon. Doing the ground study at home on my computer, I only had to come to Florida for flying and examination. Two weeks in summer were followed by two and a half weeks in April the following year. On the last day of that stay I passed my checkride.
In Germany I validated my PPL soon after into an EASA license. In spring 2019 I obtained my flight instructor rating and passed my written ATPL exam. Since then I collected over 900 hours of flight time.

Besides my flying I also spent one year as an exchange student in the United States, in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. I really enjoyed that time and I learned much in this time, about the country, its people and culture, but also about myself.


In my freetime I love spending time doing some Photography. I also enjoy traveling throgh the world an visit new places. Want to find out more about my travels? I've got simthing ready for you right here. The rest of my free time is mostly spend with, creating liverys for various Add-Ons in the flight simming world and I am going planespotting.


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A: Rudolf-Klug-Weg 9  
    22455 Hamburg

T: + 040 20953775

E: maxwohlerdt@web.de

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