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Finding the right accomondation can be a tough task, especially when travelling with a small budget. Staying at a hotel or motel mostly means one of two things; either you pay a high amount of money foreach night, or you choose a low price and end up wit a really basic room you don't really want to spend much time in.

Doesn't sound that exciting, does it? What if I told you, that there are cheap accomondations, where you feel welcomed and enjoy your time?

The platform you are looking for is called airbnb. Does that ring a bell? Most likely. Airbnb is a plattform where people around the world can put up rooms or even entire apartments and houses for rent to travellers. Most cities feature a variety of awesome places where you can stay for as little as 20€ per night. 

The price is set by the host. Depending on the length of your stay, they might down for some negotiations. You usually have access to you own private room. Other rooms like bathrooms and kitchen are shared with the owners. You not only get to stay at a fancy place of your choice, but also have the chance to meet new local people, who might be able to give you some tips on what to do in the area.

Sounds intreaging? Well, there is more to it. If you sign up for airbnb right here, you will get a 25€ travel credit for your first home booking! To make it even better, you also get another 9€ off on a variety of local experiences you can book directly through airbnb.

Ready? Let me show you how it's done

Click here to directly get to airbnb. The page has a nice landing page, not bombing you with a lot of information. To start setting up an account, just click on Sign up in the top right corner

airbnb sign up page, sign up via Facebook, Google or E-Mail













For signing up you have three different options; you can either do it through Facebook, Google or a regular E-Mail. You then need to choose a password, your user name and your date of birth. Before you run through any issues during your booking I highly recommend doing the next things before you move on to booking.

Upload your valid ID and submit a selfie. This is for verification purposes. Also add a nice photo of yourself and create a small biography about yourself. Adding a phone number is also a good idea, this makes future communication with hosts easier. As a payment method you can add your PayPal and a variety of Credit cards.

Got your account set up? Let's move on to our first booking!

airbnb front page, setting up the first search













Back on the main page we can start with our first booking. All you need to do is insert the city you want to stay at, your arrival and departure dates and the amount of guests travelling. Then hit search and wait for the results.

airbnb search results for accommodation in Copenhagen

Airbnb then directs you to the shown page. On here you can hoose between Stays and Experiences. Airbnb does not only feature places to stay at, but also many activities you can go on during your stay. All bookable through one plattform. On here you can already filter through accomondations, depending on where you want to stay and what kind of activities you are interested in.

Clicking on Stays leads you to a list of all bookable homes, based on your dates and number of guests. On the right side it features a map view, showing you where the place is located at. So if you have a specific location in mind you can just zoom in and see all the places and their prices on one map.

Search results for home with both a list and a map view













On the top you can add more filters, like a certain price range, type of place, number of bed and bedrooms and more. Clicking on either a place of the list or on the map will bring you to the corresponding booking page.

detailed information on the choosen home














Here you get detailed information about the place. You can see the number of bedrooms, beds, which romms you have access to and a list of amenities. The host describes their place and makes you familiar with the house rules. Down below you can find reviews by people who have already stayed at this place. Make sure to leave a review after your stay as well!

On the right side you see the total costs for the stay. Found the place you want? then hit reserve and it will take you over to finalize the booking process. You can leave a small note for the host. I highly recommend you doing this, because it helps the host deciding wheather they want to let you in their home or not. Yes, hosts have to accept your reservation and can even turn you down.

Finally you just have to click on bookand you are all set. You will get a notification once the owner reacted to your reservation.

Followed me though? Good! If you have just read and didn't sign up, then make sure to do it right now and right here! If you feel unconfortbale clicking on a random link, you can also just type in maxwohlerdt.com/links/airbnb into your browser adress. Why not go directly to the page? Do so, and you will miss out on the travel bonus.

Why can I offer you this?

Airbnb offers a Invite a friend programm. What it does is, that you can invite friends to use airbnb. They will get the mentioned bonus. Once they booked and completed their stay, you will be reward woth a travel bonus as well, with no extra cost for your friend. Or you in this case.

So if you think this tutorial was helpful, just keep in mind you can just support me and my webpage by setting up your airbnb account through my link. I highly appreciate it!

Have an empty room?

Like I said before, on airbnb private people can post their left over rooms for others to stay in during their travel. IWithout all these hosts around the world we wouldn't have this whole variety of open doors to choose from. So if you have an open room, are open minded to other people vou can become a host as well!

You not only get a nice little income on the side, but you also get to meet new people from all over the world who are greatful for you openening your doors and welcoming them in your home. Got you thinking? Become a host right now!

If you choose to become a host, please use my link as well to support me. Also feel free to send me a message. I would love to check out your place on my next trip!

Need the links?

Create your account and get up to 34€ discount on your first booking: maxwohlerdt.com/links/airbnb
Become a host and welcome people from around the world in your home: maxwohlerdt.com/link/airbnbhost

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