1  One week in the Algarve

One week of travel through the Algarve along the southern coast of Portugal. Without knowing what was waiting for me I just acked up my stuff and jumped on the plane. Read here about the great week I had and what you should visit when you visit.

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1  Travelling Scandinavia for 9 days

A nine day trip through Scandinavia, from Copenhagen to Stockholm in fall. We toured three cities and got to discover many new places. Is this city hopping trip worth a visit?

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1  Kanelbullens Dag spent in Malmö

One day spent cityhopping to the bigegst city in souterhn Sweden. And that on Kanelbullens Dag! We spent a delicious day in this city and got to learn a lot about the history of this nice and calm city.

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1  Coffee in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is always worth a visit and is very inviting for some city hopping through scandinavia or northern Germany.
We spent two whole days in the city and discovered it by foot. Read here where to go!

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1  Get from A to B with Omio

Finding the right accomondation can be a tough task, especially when travelling with a small budget. Staying at a hotel or motel mostly means one of two things; either you pay a high amount of money for a night, or...

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1  My Airbnb Guide

When it comes to travel, we never get around the question how to get to our destination, or from one spot to another in case of a round trip. For most international trips it is pretty easy, since...

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picture of me in copenhagen

Hey! My name is Max, I am a 26 years old pilot from Germany. My passion is all about seeing the world, both on the ground and from above.

Life goal: Have visited 100 countries by the age of 45!
Countries visited so far: 11

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